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    Hi All,

    I recently bought this PC from the (hindsight being an exact science) very sh*t and very unhelpful Mesh Computers: MESH XGS Ice 7 LE with Intel Core i7 860 LGA1156, 1GB: Electronics & Photo

    Booted it up with it plugged into a 6 head extension lead that also had speakers, monitors and USB hub plugged in. Worked first time, installed some software that needed it to restart so off it went... never to boot up from that extension again.

    After mucho pressing of the start button I unplugged it and the blue lighting in the case kicked in for a second. Not sure quite why, but I then plugged it directly into the two head socket on the wall (with nothing else plugged into the second plug head) and it booted up fine.

    I plugged the extension lead with all the monitors on etc into the second slot on the same socket on the wall as the PC and the PC lost power and cut out.

    Unplugged the extension lead and the PC started up again. I have now found that the only way to get everything to work at once is to run an extension lead from somewhere else in the office, into the editing suite we have put together...

    Anyone offer any help or words of advice/wisdom.



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    The only words of wisdom I can offer is to call in an electrician.

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    I'd suspect the extension lead & the wall socket first.
    Buy a new extension lead if that doesnt solve it & the PC works ok from another power socket, the wall socket in question may be wired wrongly (live & neutral reversed maybe, or earth missing). Something that wouldnt affect a lot of equipment but might a PC).
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    thanks for both bits of help.

    Spookily we had an electrician in today for another matter. He had not seen anything like it either. Extension and wall sockets both fine.

    I rang Mesh to pick their brains (another 25 min wait) and it is obviously a common problem because they had a range of suggestions. The first being that it was caused by using two monitors (!?) the second being that the PC was using two much power as a result of the wrong graphics card driver being installed.

    They have sent me a link to a new driver which that I have to down load and install. Will give a further update tomozza.

    ps. i did ask for a full refund today and was politely told to get lost

    10 Yetis have been known to have the odd dabble at marketing n\' stuff, penguins need not apply.

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    Did you buy this thing with a credit card...? If so you could protest the purchase with them...Mesh is not giving you any satisfaction.etc...ship it back and refuse the charges through the credit card co....

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