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    Have you browsed my guides at I've aimed them at the complete beginner, so they should help answer most of your questions. If not, I'll try and help where I can.
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    thanks for previous reply but!! in laymans terms and plain english how do use such programmes as tmpeg and if its possible, how would i get 2 hrs onto a dvd.most guides seem to be too technical and it would be nice to obtain clear step by step instructions for example do i need to use tmpeg if i,m using sonic my dvd or would tmpeg increase quality.sonic seems to compile right from camcorder to dvd so would using other software be of any use? too many programmes in the same field make it difficult for the beginner to find the right one, one thats easy to use and does everything you need, would divx compress avi to fit 2 hrs or more? and if so step by step would be nice, i,m sure their are loads like me who find getting started extremely difficult. what about nero6 the list is endless so please help, my last reply helped me sort out problems regarding quality indoors in respect of lighting and camera settings so thanks for that. i also got (pixella image maker with vcd) bundled with camcorder but havent used it because it dosent support my optorite dvd burner. so using sonic which came with burner. keep up the good work. :

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