Hi Guys,

I have been working with Adobe Premiere for many years now (V6 and V7)
and have a reasonable knowledge of editing, rendering and burning to DVD
having worked on various home movies over the years.

However, I have recently been working on a new 1 hr film that is now completed and so I have been burning down onto DVD. This is my usual
process for this :-

1. In Adobe Premiere V7 I render out the 1hr film at full quality with just default settings (producing the AVI format at 12Gig approx size)
2. Using U-Lead Software I burn this AVI down onto DVD (i.e. U-lead
does its video/audio conversion then multiplexing and takes fie size down
to about 1.2 Gig approx size)

However, on this occasion when I play the final DVD on more expensive
DVD players some (not all) of the footage is producing a stuttered effect
(rather like it has dropped frames). The same DVD however works
fine when just playing on the cheaper DVD players.

Can anyone help?

My own opinion is that the more expensive DVD players are doing too much thinking as usual and this is causing them to not be able to keep up, whereas the more stupid DVD players don't think so much (usually, they do not read all
the bits per second anyway hence the reduced quality) and so they are able
to keep up.

All I am really after is to be able to burn DVD's that play consisitently on every machine. But from experience in the past I am lucky if I can get it to play
on 70% of DVD players.

Any comments/opinions would be much appreciated.