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Thread: In the womb - New original song (Not final version)

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    Smile In the womb - New original song (FINAL)

    Added Fri 9th April:
    I have now finished the video, so I thought I'd just update this rather than creating a new thread.

    I took some advice and I've held longer on a umber of shots, removing some of the quicker clips. I feel it does look a lot better now because of it, but I shall let you all decide.

    Final Edit:

    Original post:
    So sarah & allison said I've got to do another music video for this girl, but do it properly! So this is it!

    That said, the shoot had some problems in there were only two crew, I did my very best to get someone else in to help but to no avail and it was the only day that the talent and myself could both do it.

    We came up against some issues with lighting too, well, we filmed two videos for two songs, my friend DOP'd the first and I DOP'd the second (this video). However I wasn't overly happy with the position of the lighting he had set up for his shoot but I didn't have any time left to change it for my shoot. This has resulted in shadows cast by us and the crane.

    The lack of an extra person also limited the variety of shots as both of us manned the dolly and had to leave some of the takes purely static.

    But for get in for an on location shoot, set up, 2 video shoot and extras (recorded very basic video for a third song) and get out all by 5pm and with only two crew, it isn't half bad.

    But all things considered I'm really happy with the outcome so far.

    Ok so this is NOT the final version, I would really value your feedback and will be making changes. I've already spotted some changes I need to make and I'm sure you guys will point out more. Also, I know I need to work on some of the colour balancing.

    **Please note song contains one use of the F word**
    Pre-Final version now removed.
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    with the likes of the abbey road and bbc 6 music live studio sessions I know its now acceptable or rather the in thing to have .. i cant think of a way to put it but, "nothing" in the back ground, without depth of field shots and bright lighting im not sure the setting works in this case ?

    having said that, great colour and clarity, dolly shots audio capture excellent and the talent has..... talent lots of it.
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    Fair point, this was a concern of mine but I had no opportunity to change the setup. We ran out of time for my shoot and I couldn't make any changes to the light setup or what was in the background.

    This was a result of inadequate prep for the shoot basically, which lets face it, comes down to not having a budget, zip, nothing. The location was a fair distance from us so we didn't have opportunity to visit before the shoot.

    It may seem like I'm making excuses, and in part I am. I just hope that when all things are considered, lack of budget, crew, time, and considering so much was fit into the day (this video is only a third of what we filmed, excluding setup time), I think the end result is pretty good.

    I still haven't made any changes to the vid at this time, but I will be. Any shots that stand out as being particularly poor? I really need some fresh eyes on this right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by clay_9 View Post

    I still haven't made any changes to the vid at this time, but I will be. Any shots that stand out as being particularly poor? I really need some fresh eyes on this right now.

    @3.35 'ish not a poor shot - in fact a very nice shot but, the lip syncs out a tad !

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    Well you certainly know how to treat a girl Matt! Grand piano, big venue & fancy camera rig!
    We thought it was very well filmed & lit.
    As a showcase for Llinos voice & songs & your film making it was excellent, but we wondered if it should be a bit more entertaining?
    It's a voice & a piano in an empty hall & the austerity of it although thrilling at first wore a bit thin.
    Would you consider cutting other film of Llinos into the video (some atmospheric footage shot elsewhere of her that might evoke powerful images pertinent to the song) to add variety?
    The audio was good but maybe a bit of reverb/delay to give her voice a more ethereal quality would be really effective?
    When using the camera dolly at 3.15 the picture seemed to jerk & slip out of focus momentarily?
    We dont intend to criticise, it's an incredibly difficult thing how to best present a marvellous talent & do it justice, & you've done a great job!

    Sarah & Allison

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    I enjoyed it. Well done to all. (And it looks even better in Vimeo's HD).

    It sounds like the audio is in mono. I agree with SA's suggestion of adding some ambience to the vocals. Whilst the SM58 faithfully records the vocals, it is not designed to pick up the minor reflections from the room.
    Pianos are probably difficult to record, and I suspect they only come alive if more than 1 mic is used - and played back in stereo. I suspect only 1 mic can lead to a slightly muddy midtone and the high notes sound a bit distant. Even so, it sound loads better than my own, rather cheaper, upright piano.

    Oddly, the vocal mic appears to shake sometimes (e.g. 2:14). Not sure why. Her voice would not have moved it; and the stand did not appear to be touching the piano. Perhaps there was an earthquake that day.

    Thank you for sharing the video with us.

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    Well done Matt. My favourite shot was at 2:55 the shoes and the bare feet on the pedals. Like Sara & Allison said it looked good at first but became a little monotonous toward the end. I'm sure this could be fixed with tighter editing.

    Firstly think about what this is. A music video ? No, it's a recording of a performance. Which means it should be edited like a performance not a music video. I think that's where it's let down as you have cut it as though it was a music video.

    Keeping in pace with the song, you could leave some shots longer, especially the closeup of her could have been held longer. This would then make the cutaways or longer shots more interesting. I don't know if you have any shots of her from the other side (her left) I know this would be shooting into the lights but it would be ok to have some of these in the mix. I feel it would add contrast.

    I only say these things as you made the comment about needing a new pair of eyes.

    I think you did a good job. Better than I would have done.

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    [wholly off topic. I need to go out more]

    I watched it. I ignored Clay9's caveats about the lighting and crew.
    I found it (perhaps unintentionally) very imaginative:
    A song related to wombs; played in a large enclosed, bright place, with a shoeless human, fed by the light of the lamps; and from the SM58's unbilical lead.
    In effect, the room became as important a feature as the artist.

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    This, I liked. I liked it a lot.

    Okay, it's not BBC sound standard but it's more than acceptable in my opinion and, bearing in mind the budget, better than most. I do agree with the RockFollies that a bit of reverb might have filled out the vocals. The SM58 is a belter for rock and power ballads but isn't really great on soft voices.

    I really liked the camera moves and most of the shots. I thought the slowness and steady shots fitted the music really well. Unlike our resident rock-chicks I didn't have a problem with the pace, I found it moving. Maybe I'm just older and have a longer history with chill-out baccy. A couple of compositions, especially the profile, aren't what I would chose but then, they weren't awful, just not my aesthetic.

    Nit-picking, I would have smartened up the lamps (trimmed that diffusion) and tried to beg/borrow/steal a few more lights to use as props. The old "make a feature of it" principal. I would also have tried to be a bit more "atmospheric" with the lighting, letting the background darken slightly. I understand what you say about time but... (steps up on soapbox) it's better to have one video which is perfect, rather than three which are okay.
    I'm not saying you've done it wrong, just giving my opinion that I would have done it differently.

    Like Midnight, I would also have used a couple of "into the lights" shots.

    Despite all my criticism, which isn't really criticism more like opinion, this is summat for you to be proud of.

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    I liked the look. Nice and clean. Almost clinical - in contrast to the performance which worked well.

    Have to disagree with Midnight - it's not a performance video as in quite a few of the shots of her playing it was clearly not what we were hearing (Hardly surprising given the limited resources Matt had)

    I like TimA's take on it all. Unfortunately I didn't get any of that myself.

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