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Thread: Just got a job to film/edit a live presentation!

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    Default Just got a job to film/edit a live presentation!

    Hey guys, long time lurker here!

    I am a student and small time videographer. I have worked for a couple of older friends who do corporate stuff as well as some weddings.

    Well, through a contact of mine I just got my first job all to myself. I have about a month and a half to prepare. I am so excited and want to do the best job possible!

    Here is what I am tasked with: I will be taping a teaching seminar put on by a local doctor. There will be two presenters, and a power point screen/projector. It is a very large room (with horrible acoustics!, but they understand this on the front-end) and there will be about 40 audience members.

    VIDEO: They want to have a camera on each speaker as well as a recording of the power point(screen) that is used.

    AUDIO: They will have 3, maybe 4 audio outputs. Each presenter has a wireless microphone and we will have 1 or 2 omnidirectional mic's to record questions/comments asked by attendees.

    I have 2 camera's, they are Sony VX-2100's. They are OK SD cams.

    As far as the 2 camera's video, that is the easiest part. I will just have each record directly to tape.

    Now, since I don't have a 3rd camera for the power point screen, is there any way I can capture the video stream directly from the projector or the computer that is sending the video? I am completely lost when it comes to this.. I have a laptop with a quad core and firewire at my disposal if need be.

    If I get the projector's video taken care of that will leave me with just audio.

    I am assuming I should have the audience microphones record into the camera's for the sake of A. simplicity and B. ease of syncing later.

    As far as the wireless mics are concerned, can anyone recommend a good audio recording box?

    I will be using Premier Pro cs4 and its associated programs for post.

    Thank you so much in advance, this job is a huge deal to a starving student like me :p

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    Nothing like jumping in at the deep end

    There is software that will convert powerpoint to avi HERE is an example of a free one. Try Googleing powerpoint to avi there is a big list. I've never done it so I can't recommend any particular one. This will give you a better image than trying to record it with video or what ever.

    As for the audio will you be taking a feed from a mixer ? I'm not an expert this this kind of set up. What kind of budget for the "recording device" ?

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    Thanks Midnight! I bookmarked that program for future use

    I didn't realize this was the wrong forum to post in until I found the wedding video forum so I made a post over there which has got a few replies now.

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