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Thread: What is Rotoscoping?

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    Default What is Rotoscoping?

    This are a couple questions also to do with my thread just down the list.

    What is Rotoscoping?
    Where can i find it in premier 6.5?

    For those of you who didn't 'get' what i meant ill try to describe it again. For about half of my music video i will have a 'sad' man walking around, also i will also have the same man and his girlfriend walking around as Ghosts (half transparent).

    What i plan to do is have the Ghosts walk through the 'sad' man, but when i try to do this in premier 6.5 (using the knowledge i already have) the 'sad' man also goes half transparent when they pass through each other and this is what i dont want.

    Thanks alot everyone.

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    Export each frame as either a series of image files (TGA etc) or a filmstrip. Open these files in an image editor and then in each frame, colour what you don't want seen as black. Import these back into project as a series of images, then drop onto the time line and apply the luma key.

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