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Thread: Pinacle studio 12 and JVC everio 330

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    Hi everyone,

    I am a drummer (

    I am trying to figure our how to record video and drum mix(from drum mics into a mixer)

    I would like to do it all live capture into the PC so I dont have to have to try and match up sound from the mixer and video from the camera!

    My JVC 330 doesnt do capture! It is rubbish! So can anyone recommend a budget camera that will do live capture into Pinacle 12

    And basically I just dont know how to live capture the drum mixes, the audio MP3 and the video into one file!


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    It is pretty hard to find a new camcorder these days that has firewire. You are better off trying to find a good second hand one that is tape based and has an external mic input then make up a line level to mic level converter ( look at these sights for ideas Google) then record directly into the PC. Connect your mixer output into the converter then from converter to camera external mic input. Then connect firwire from camera to firewire on PC. This will keep audio and vision in sync. You can buy firewire cable up to 10 M. in length. You can omit the converter if you buy a semi-pro camera with XLR audio inputs.

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