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Thread: Chinoy sings "Valpolohizo"

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    Default Chinoy sings "Valpolohizo"

    [ame=]YouTube - Chinoy - Valpolohizo[/ame]

    For my post production class, I was assigned a split screen video. We had one week to make it, and it had to be at least 5 minutes and has to have a bunch of split screens. So I used footage from a trip I went on to Chile last year. This is what i came up with.

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    What a strange video!
    There are loads of really great shots - well composed & atmospheric. The little boy reaction shot to the clown was superb.
    The music was great, but the lyrics? Are they for real or something translated by Google? Hilarious.

    The different types of split screen were a mixed bag. Some worked some didn't.

    In the main I did not like the bold & bright frames for the picture in picture (PIP) I's use something far subtler.

    Some of the composites were nice (the sea) and some of the wipes (where you used a girl's face passing across the screen.

    Many of the PIPs just seemed random. They bore no relation to the main image. There should be a reason for using them - (and 'cos that was your task is not good enough!)

    Others were entirely appropriate - eg the different views of the men playing cards.

    With the PiPs being cut into the shot (rather than faded) you really MUST sync their entrance and exit up with the music.

    All the same - lovely shots.

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    Sorry I was so busy laughing at the lyrics to notice much of the video but I'm sure what ever Tim said was right.

    Worth a look just for the lyrics.

    Example: Low the dresses, above the mental donkey.

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    Thanks for the comment.

    Haha, yes the spanish version is the real lyrics. And i used google to translate them, So I'm sure they are a little off.

    Also I want to point out, that when we recorded him singing. We didn't plan on using the video, that's why it's so shaky. And i just go lucky that the background keyed out.

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