I am volunteering for a company in Sheffield called SYFN.

We have a Music Video Challenge on the run called 2Weeks 2Make It.

I am looking for interested people to take part.

The winning filmmaker will get
- 750 towards the making of a professional music video
- A free digital cinema jpeg 2000 master print and encode - that's a cinema-ready digital print folks, a very posh prize, courtesy of our brand new supporters, mytherapy TV! Mytherapy | +44 (0)207 636 6636
- there will be an Audience Award of 100.00 for the audience's favourite video for the filmmaker

there is also a 100.00 food voucher for tgi fridays...

Filmmakers basically get paired up with a band from around here and have then a bit over 2 weeks to make a video from start to finish...

I thought it might be of interest for some of you. hope so anyway!

The deadline unfortunately is already on Monday (29th March by 12noon) sorry for the late post... if you're interested in taking part just visit syfn.org/2weeks.html and download the application form, you can send them in by email just use the info@ address

Thanks a bunch!