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Thread: When edit is finished.

  1. Cool When edit is finished.

    Hi all, i've just found this forum and it seems very helpful so i'm hoping to enhance my skills quicker and easier than i have been recently!!

    I was just wondering, i'm getting into producing music video's and not too sure about what i would do after i've finished the final edit. How do i convert it? Do i use compressor? What format do music video editors usually use? I understand this is probably basic stuff but i seem to have missed it!

    Any help would be much appreciated and i'm definitely not just here for this one answer!



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    Are you a mac or pc?

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    I'm mac, using final cut pro.


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    I'm not too sure about what people on mac use.

    While editing on PC, i always try to export to a visually lossless format such as DNxHD or cineform. If you're using DV footage, most editors will pass through the each frame unchanged and put it into your rendered file, so in the case of DV footage, export as DV.

    I then from the master export to the delivery formats. w.g. H.264 for youtube and MPEG2 for DVD etc.

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    Ok, well i guess the only way to find out is to try different things. I'll be using HD footage most of the time so i guess i just want to export it into the best format possible. I'll have a go and report back!


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    What medium will you be watching the footage on ? Is it for YouTube, DVD. home computer etc... This will determin what format you should do your final renders in.

    Example if it's for normal DVD render it into a mpeg2 format ready for burning on to a DVD.

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    Well that's something i have to research because i will want to be able to give a copy to the bands who's video's i edit. Some sort of master copy? I need to make sure that it's suitable to go on TV. Would that be suitable for it?

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    Perhaps Digibeta then?

    I would email MTV and see what formats they accept.

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    Do you have any suggestions of a custom setting i could set up in compressor to export my video's in?

    Also if i've used Color on the footage and some effects what is the best way to do it? I read a thread where people were arguing about how you should export footage that has effects on it.

    Also do you have any advice on what filters to add to the compression? I.E sharpen, contrast etc.



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    Mac users generally use Itunes as a means of playing back their music and videos which uses an .mp4 format.

    Here is a suggestion. Render the video in all the common formats. Yes, it will take up more space, however it will help you in the long run. The four most common formats are: .avi, .mpg, .mp4, and .mov. MP4 is mostly for Itunes. MOV is for Quicktime. (Which only powers Itunes).

    Hope this helped. Let me know.

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