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Thread: DVD-R/-RW/+rw compatible recording

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    Default DVD-R/-RW/+rw compatible recording

    hi, could somebody please point me in the direction of a good description of how these work and what the differences are? Ive search the forum but to no avail.

    basically i prefer to use Mini cassettes but someone has offered me a sony DCR-DVD602E for really cheap ( as i need a cheapy to take in mangroves with me)
    but i cant find out any info whether or not i can record to the one dvd then record over it again once ive captured it? it seems to imply that they you can only record on each dvd once?...which would be a waste of money.
    any thoughts or tips where to find the info would be most appreciated.

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    DVD starts out more compressed than mini DV tapes and can only get worse from there on.

    Personally I would avoid recording directly to DVD if you can afford to go other routes, and only compress for DVD as a last step (using your computer).

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