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Thread: How should I encode my footage?

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    Default How should I encode my footage?

    Hello there, I'm currently using Sony Vegas Pro 9.0

    The footage I recorded was made through RemoteJoy Lite, a PSP plugin which allows me to see my PSP screen in my PC.
    The file is fully uncompressed, no encoding process was made whatsoever.
    The video resolution is 480x272 (I guess it's 16:9, widescreen?).

    So well, I want to know the best possible solution to fully upload my video to Youtube without losing the quality. If possible, getting a 720p option.
    Of course, if a trick wasn't made, I'd guess Youtube would resize my video to 1280x720 thus wasting all the quality in it.

    Somehow, I've read something about a 4:3 "letterbox", with my original video in the center, maybe with a slighty higher resolution but still good enough.

    I'm not sure if I should save it as .avi or .wmv,hich codec to use: Xvid MEPG-4, etc etc. What kind of template I should chose ... etc.

    Please, I'd really appreciate some detailed help xD

    In that video you can see almost what I'm looking for, there is no other way PSP footage would look nice in Youtube.

    Thanks, thanks and thanks.

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    Wha..? No answers yet? =(

    I'll be waiting for some help then xD

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