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Thread: Advice for newbie video editing software

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    Default Advice for newbie video editing software

    Hi guys

    I want to edit my you tube videos so they look more professional. I would like to know the easiest video editing software that I should start with.

    I have already started making jewellery videos just want to

    • Take out the grey back grounds
    • Add music and company logo
    • Cut and edit the video easily
    • Optimize the video size

    Please can someone point me in the right direction. I need something easy to use that can do these tasks as mentioned above.

    I appreciate your help


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    Try downloading the trial version of Sony Vegas Studio. If you need tips there are many Vegas tutorials on YouTube and the help files are quite good.

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    Well just be warned this digital editing lark can become quite addictive!
    I started playing around with Windows Movie Maker (like many other people) and decided it was fun enough to upgrade to Vegas. Any problems I've had have always been resolved by the ever friendly and helpfull guys on this forum.
    Trouble is I'm already hankering after Vegas Pro now.
    Good luck!

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