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    Default Adobe Premiere CS4

    I use HP Pavilion dv7 computer

    Vista 64-bit
    RAM 4GB
    Procesor Intel Core 2 duo cpu T6400 2.00GHz
    NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT

    and I think that it's enough for premiere cs4 to work properly, but the video screen lags so hard, it's like 1 frame per 10 seconds, I don't use any other softwares at the same time.

    It's almost ok, when I try to edit videos made with my photo camera, but I usually film with my pocket cam (kodak zi6, 30fps ) and I can't even edit my footage://

    any suggestions?

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    You will need to transcode your video.

    Your camera uses the H.264 codec which is very hard to edit and by the sound of it is in a container that premiere pro doesn't recognize.

    Avid DNxHD is your friend.

    It is free, easy to edit,
    It is used on many big budget movies and you cant argue with the results.

    If you google Avid DNxHD, you should be able to find Avids website with the free link to download it. After you've installed it, restart your computer and open up Adobe Media Encoder. In there, insert all of your video files, change the file format to quicktime. Under preset, click export settings and change the codec to Avid DNxHD, frame size to 1280x720, a frame rate of 30 and set the field type to progressive. click okay and re-encode.

    Once it has finished, edit away

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    What am I doing wrong?
    When I do it step by step, it doesn't get better. The size of the video increases 3x times, but it doesn't lag less than before.

    thanks for the help anyway

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    I found a great encoder at H.264 Encoder - freeware encode video to H.264 format
    It encodes perfectly, but my problem is that it can't encode more than one video at once, so guys do you know any good encoders like this one ?

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