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    I captured all 75 of my home videos and then burned them to dvd and then realized that they were jumpy. I have Ulead 7.0 and just found a patch on Ulead's website to show the dropped frames. I now know that it was dropping frames like crazy.

    I defragged and that didn't help. Then I un-installed Ulead from my C drive and installed it on my new 160 Gig D drive. It worked great the first time...0 dropped frames. Then it started doing what it did before. It works for 10 seconds then starts dropping frames. I don't know what to do. The hard drive is huge!

    Please advise.


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    You should change the working folder directory to your dedicated video drive. In ulead VideoStudio 8 this is achieved by,

    1. File > Preferences ...

    2. On the General tab set the working folder to the folder of your choice on drive D

    3. On the Preview Tab uncheck all refernces to your C drive and check number 2 to poin to the folder of your choice on Drive D

    That should do it, although the menu settings may vary slightly.

    Good luck

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