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Thread: extracting audio? - single track .MOV

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    Default extracting audio? - single track .MOV

    Just got my vholdr contourHD helmet cam in the mail yesterday. It's a pretty sweet camera, but it gives me a single track .MOV file.

    "Video is saved as a MOV file with h.264 video encoding with AAC audio encoding."

    While riding my motorsickle, the wind noise gets pretty terrible & I would like to control the audio levels while editing in Sony vegas or adobe premiere.

    What is the best / quickest way to do this? Do I have to render/export a separate audio & video file & then import those to work with?

    on a side note, I cant seem to get any audio from VegasPro 8.0


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    OK, here's what needs to be done.

    Uninstall itunes & quicktime. Install older version - quicktime version 7.6.2.

    Then, cange the file extensions from .mov to .mp4. Import into VegasPro.

    Now we have sound & it's own audio track.

    Edit. Enjoy.

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