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    Default camera reccomendations

    I'm looking to buy a new camera but i onlly want to spend about 200. I'm quite experienced but not that rich so i just want a nice, small camera with firewire out. Here's a couple i found but i would rather second opinion.

    Anyone know about any of these?

    anyone got one for a similar price and could reccomend it? ( i dont mind about buting second hand, i know that i can expect much special for my budget)

    SHARP VL-Z100H
    10 x Optical Zoom
    500x Digital Zoom
    Media Type: Mini DV
    Sensor Resolution: 0.80 Megapixel
    Electronic Viewfinder
    Rotating Screen Form Factor
    CCD Optical Sensor
    2.5" LCD Monitor
    Digital Image Stabiliser
    F/1.8 Lens Aperture

    Sharp VLZ1H

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    I've got a TRV-250, which is one of the older, bigger digital 8 cameras, but has similar spec's to the 265 by the looks of it,
    I've also used my friends Sharp VL-something.

    I preferred the Sony, the image quality is better, and it feels like it's built better, but the digital 8 is annoying. There's so many benefits of having a much smaller camera, and a format thats much better supported.
    (There aren't many digital 8 cameras about if you need to borrow one to capture footage if yours breaks for instance.)

    And the tapes cost more, and are a bit rarer, which is annoying when you need to get a tape but they only have mini DV.

    Also I didn't use the swivel feature at all on the Sharp, and I don't think my friend does either, it's pretty much a pointless gimmick.

    I'd say look for a cheap Canon or Sony camera as they tend to have slightly better build and picture quality than Sharp, but thats just my opinion from my limited experience with the cameras.

    I'd suggest going into a shop and asking to try them out, then you'll get a feel for them a bit more.
    Panasonic SD9, Panasonic NVGS-75, Canon MV600i

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    thanx for your help,

    i'll shop around for a good sony or Canon

    i might get one second hand off ebay or something.

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