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Thread: Speed Dating - Behind the scenes

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    An update on the production of Speed Dating; All principle photography has been completed but for one scene which will be shot in a couple of weeks time.

    The next viral trailer should be out for the weekend and the actual film trailer within a month.

    In the mean time, I whole heartedly encourage you to go and watch two of the ‘characters’ with their ‘behind the scenes’ blog…

    There are a couple of swear words, so PG rating.

    Bruce and Oscar will be the main characters of Killer Heels Productions first full feature…

    Truly appreciate anyone and everyone that can take the time to look and comment.
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    Interesting, even funny in parts BUT please put up a language warning in future. My 6 year old daughter was in the room when I was watching this.

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    Sorry Blue, I've updated the text to reflect a PG rating and swearing.

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    Thanks, it's just that I wasn't expecting it and you know how kids repeat everything they hear.

    I noticed you've got quite a crew together. What funding have you got to produce this movie?

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    Sent you an email to explain.

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