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Thread: Canon Legria FS200 - any good?

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    Feel free to tell me I'm a chump, but my research has lead me to this camera as it supports an external mic and the image quality looks pretty reasonable (I love Canon optics from my still photography work). This is from checking out Youtube clips shot with the camera.

    I was thinking that maybe getting this camera, a decent remote mic setup and a set of lights might be a way to get started in making little promo films without breaking the bank.

    Is this ill-advised? Would it give me the capacity to get results like this:


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    My personal opinion is that the Canon Legria HF range is very good indeed. The SF range is good for SD and certainly value for money.

    I've got the HF11 and am more than happy with it.

    There's nothing in the clip you posted which couldn't have been done with a Legria HF or SF at that size of playback..
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    I bought a Canon Legria FS200 last week. It is suitable for SD, which is what I wanted. The internal mic has good quality recording, but I bought an audiotechnica ATR-6250 external mic too. The two work together very well.

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    Bought this last week too. I'm a complete novice but it seems great to me.

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