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    I am new to video editing and production. I have an idea for an action movie trailer, which i have already got story boarded. I am wondering what sort of filming techniques, editing techniques and effects i could add to give it the action feel. There is a gun fire fight scene in trailer. Thank you

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    Action scenes usually mean lots of fast cuts and lots of angles. For something like a gun fight the sound is very important. Also think of cause and effect. If a gun shoots a bullet it has to end up somewhere. Show the cause and the effect. This may mean some FX on objects being hit. remember flashes and smoke from the guns.

    The way it is shot really depends on the feel of the film.

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    Default Trailer

    I'm curious; do you have an idea soley for an 'Action movie trailer', or do you have an idea for an Action Movie you want to make a trailer for?

    Remember; a trailer is a martketing tool. If you have nothign to 'sell' why are you making the advert?

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    Ha, good point sspeiper.

    You asked about filming teqniques but if you need help with action FX then your best place to jump to is the video tutorials anbd products over at

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