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    im sure its been covered before but i can find it anywhere. can you either point me to the post or tell me a bit about all the properties for the highest resolution rendering of sporting movies.

    i really dont have a clue about any of the properties and im sure thats where im going wrong. getting a grainy, jittery image.

    im in australia so i want PAL but i dont understand the rest. im working with low quality mpeg2s to HDV.

    I know this stuff is meant to be learnt earlier in the peace but i have just been splitting cuts, doing transitions and titles and am having trouble rendering.


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    1] Set your Project to match your Media.

    2] Render to the output you require for the delivery you need. DVD has a max CBR of 9mb/sec. BluRay can go up to 25mb/sec. On what are you delivering your output - DVD player or BluRay?

    That's the best I can do . . . ?

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