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Thread: Vegas Pro 9.0-- cannot open project, stops at 12%

  1. Default Vegas Pro 9.0-- cannot open project, stops at 12%

    I was editing a project and it suddenly froze, giving me the "Vegas Pro has stopped working" prompt (not the Task Manager alert). I closed the project and tried to re-open it, but it gave me the same prompt, so I restarted my computer and tried to open it with no other programs open.

    Now it reaches 12% when trying to open and freezes, and I have to use Task Manager to close it. I had a lot of events edited in this project, and I don't wanna have to re-edit all over again.

    This only happens with this project.


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    try opening the project with the NAME.VEG.BAK project file in the same folder and see if thats any help

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    Thanks for the suggestion, but it didn't work. It gave me the stopped working prompt.

    Anymore ideas?

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    OK, the files are OK or they are both knackered.

    You may have a corrupted media in the project..

    Locate the files the project is opening and re-name the folder, make sure the VEG file is in a different folder to the were the media is, then try again.
    It should ask you locate the files, try IGNORE all and see if the project opens with empty clips DO NOT SAVE PROJECT or make a back up.

    if all OK the close and open again and try to open the clips in the relevant folder, you may need to remove some clips to help isolate the corrupted files (if that is the case)
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    Um... what?

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    Would it be possible for me to download a free trial of another version of Vegas (Movie Studio or MS Platinum) and attempt to open it with that?

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    And if I get REALLY desperate (which I'm approaching), could I send the project and the files needed to someone on here and see if they could open it?

    I have a lot of audio and video events edited in the project, but I only need the audio, so maybe someone could just delete the video events (if someone is willing to do this AND can get it open) and send me back the project. Then maybe I'd be able to open it.

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    Some clarity needed here . . . .

    1] You can NEITHER open a Vegas Pro project file in a previous version of Vegas Pro, NOR VegasPlat NOR Vegas Studio. Forget it. (NB: But you CAN open any other VEgas project file in the LATEST or LATTER versions of Vegas Pro)

    2] What Cheemie was inviting you to do was to ascertain whether your Project File is corrupt or your Media files are corrupt. To achieve this what is needed to be done is to sever temporarily the connection between the Project and its Media files. To do this we need to hide the Media files from Vegas. To do that, locate all the Media files that supply your Project and rename the Folder where they reside. This fundamentally hides your Media from the Vegas Project file. The result of this is that it will FORCE Vegas to show you, on Startup, a "Searching" Menu that Vegas - quite correctly - can't find your files in the original folder, 'cos you have renamed it! - Yes? Vegas will then ask you to search for them - DON'T do this, just IGNORE this request. If your Veg file continues to open you will see many, if not ALL of your Events lying blank on the Timeline. What this will tell you is that your Vegas Project file is most likely NOT corrupt - ie, you can open it - and that you NOW have an opportunity to track down, locate one Media file at a time to ascertain just WHICH of these Media Files is creating an issue for you.

    Now, this process assumes that your underlying Veg file is NOT corrupted in some unfortunate way. If you get to the Search Media Menu this will indicate that the Veg file is still moderately sane enough for your to do the work about relocating the files and doing your autopsy on your Media files. If you STILL can't get Vegas to "load" - even without the underlying Media being "hidden" in a renamed folder - then I have no further ideas to put forward.


    You can Load the "empty" Veg file - you've hidden the files from Vegas. And you can go forwards and do your autopsy work.


    You can't Load the Empty Veg , then you have to think other than that it was your Media Files for a solution.

    One last thought. Previously, you have worked on this Veg file and it has opened and saved correctly - yes? Do you think you have added any very large format stills - TIFFS maybe? This is only a guess on my part, but do try and think what was your last change you did to this project. If you can remember that then make an authoritative guess as to what Media you introduced or settings you changed within Vegas.

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    ^ That worked, much appreciated. I owe you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ray AP19 View Post
    ^ That worked, much appreciated. I owe you.
    Eh? So what DID work? My further explanation? Did you track down wonky media? What was wrong with the Project? Were you able to open it? Exactly what was good for you and why?

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