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    I've tried burning a .m2ts (closest thing I can get as an Vegas output from .MTS) to DVD-5 using DVD Architect Pro5. I've also tried a .mpg (MPEG-II) and either way DVD Architect has to render it, can't I produce a file type directly out of Vegas that I can burn to a DVD with a file structure and it will be playable? (MPEG-II) I hate having to render it just to put on a disk. I realize only BluRay will hold a .m2ts but even the .mpg was re-rendered.

    I've been trying it on different DVD players and TVs. I set the project to 16:9 because my original .MTS files are 1920x1080, also the .m2ts file Vegas rendered that I sent to DVD Architect was 1920x1080 and then Architect downed it to 720x480. However the .mpg that I sent was rendered in Vegas as 720x480 and Architect still rerendered it.

    It looks good on my 32" 4:3 tube tv letter boxed. It looks terrible on my 19" 4:3 LCD tv letter boxed, the detail is all gone and terrible color. Even the 13" 4:3 tube tv going through an RF modulator has sharper and better color than the 19" LCD with composite video. I tried using the output off a portable DVD player and it just stretches all 16:9 material to 4:3 and it looks horrible. I hope most home DVD players won't stretch a 16:9 letter boxed video to 4:3.

    I have a problem though sometimes in the video at random times the DVD player has a hard time and I get these pixelated colored squares here and there. Could it have anything to do with the fact I moved the default bitrate from 8.000 to 9.800 and maybe some DVD players cannot read above 8?

    One other thing, the tops and bottom of my video where the picture meets the letter box, its all jumpy and flickers specifically on lighter colors or white. How do I smoothen up that line?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmy8765 View Post
    Standar DVD player support .vob

    Use DVD Architect Pro software (included with the Vegas Pro collection) to author DVDs or Blu-ray Disc media with multiple video angles, subtitles, multiple languages, and special features.
    That's just a video container

    Yeah I have Architect pro 5
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    No matter what I do it looks like crap, the 720x480 is all fuzzy and basically goes in reverse to what I did with color curves to remove the haze. I don't understand what's so difficult. The AVCHD interlaced files are converted to MPEG progressive using the Architect DVD NTSC template with main concepts. VBR quality at high and both profile and level at High. Professionals deffinately do not use AVCHD there is much clearer SD I see on TV. AVCHD= youtube camera
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    I have tried just about everything, thinking I would be able to produce a TV worthy documentary with an AVCHD camera using top of the line editing software/rendering engine (color correction etc.)

    There is just no way at this current time to efficiently compress AVCHD onto a DVD-5 no matter how short the clip is and correct me if I am wrong but DVD-9 is not going to help with bitrate either.

    I am thinking since my documentary has been pushed off until I can finish getting my shots during the peak of this summer, that the final render will not come until probably very late 2011 or maybe even early 2012. SO I might as well not even make ANY dvd's at all and just produce strictly blu-ray disks seeing how the cost of a blu-ray player has come down to around $100 as of now. People will soon be forced to purchase blu-ray players anyway even if used on a non-HD with a yellow red and white connection (analog). I'm sure that footage from an AVCHD camera on a smaller non-HD or even your ordinary tube TV will look MUCH better using a bluray player, even using the analog inputs because of the bitrate?
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