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    Ok I have a weird one, wasnt sure where to post it...

    I shoot content for an american company on my Sony Z1E HD camera... they want me to send them the original HD Mini DV's instead of capturing the video at this end...

    They dont want to spend a fortune and buy a Z1E HD camera... they want to know what would be a good option for them to buy camera wise to process the video, capturing it from the camera onto their computers... without losing quality ???

    They are looking at the Sony HDR-HC3e should this work for them ?

    Also we shot everything in PAL, and they obviously use NTSC... should this make a difference ? Should they still capture/render in PAL or NTSC ? Will this effect the quality of the video ?

    Sorry to sound like such a newb... but I am lol

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    Off the top of my head doesn't the Z1E have the ability to record into NTSC? This would make more sense if it's going to end up in NTSC anyway rather than doing a PAL conversion.

    I'm not technically minded enough to tell you why conversion isn't a good idea, all I can say is that I've been doing a lot of work for an American client and working around PAL/NTSC issues is no fun at all.

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