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    I just found this site and it looks like a great site and I can't wait to really get into the meat of it. Hopefully some here can help me with a problem I have. I'm going to be shooting a live performance using 3 video cameras and I want to know if their was a program that would let me switch live and have it go to the projection screens at the venue. I have found alot of WEB casting that would be perfect if it had a live out option which none of them do. If anyone could steer me in the right direction that would be great. Also renting a video switcher or buying 1 that cost thousands of dollars is out of the question.


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    I am ignorant of this subject, but am also confused over the requirement.
    Is this the scenario?

    a) 3 cams, each doing their own recordings.
    b) Each of the cams has a video out socket.
    c) The 'video outs' of the cams get plugged into a single device where an operator can easily select which cam should then be output, as a single video out, to a projector.

    I am wondering. What is the difference between a simple video switcher - and an expensive video switcher? Whether running on a PC or in a dedicated device.
    Might suitable hardware or software be available via manufacturers of security cameras?

    Am hoping we learn what choice Billboss makes. It sounds rather interesting.

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    If you want to do what you want you are going to have to spend money somewhere. If you buy a simple video switcher it will do the job but you will not have clean cuts between cameras. If you use software like this, AvTake CutFour DV3, CutFour 2, DV video mixing software, live DV video mixer, DV switcher, AV / A/V mixing, titling, video streaming, Avi Capture, Firewire mixer, audio switch, HDV, HD, Cut4 you will probably have to buy a firewire card with 3 inputs on it or 3 seperate cards plus you will also have the watermark on your monitors. (Unless you buy the software.) If you really want to do it professionally go and rent a dedicated switcher and make your work look professional.

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