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Thread: HD video (Canon 5D mkii 24 fps) from Danish carshow...

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    Smile HD video (Canon 5D mkii 24 fps) from Danish carshow...

    Hi guys!

    Here is my all new video from a Danish carshow. I used only iMovie to edit the video!

    Hope you like it I used my Canon 5D mkii to make the video and photos. Its the new firmware with 24 fps...

    Best Regards
    Mads Dreier

    Mads Dreier Photography
    Mads Dreier Photography | Facebook

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    Nice images very nicely put together but 4 mins of car photos is a bit much for me.

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    A strange mixture.
    Gorgeously shot. I'm guessing it was YouTube which mad ethe slow pans and crawling text a bit jerky.
    I enjoyed the first part. The captions were informative and mad it interesting.

    The second part had some more good video shots but no information, so it had nothing to hold my interest. I thought the use of stills here killed it - with one exception - the crash pan (?) to the still of the Bently was used to good effect.

    The third part was dreadful. Just a slideshow of stills to something that sounded like poor porn music. (Actually it might not be that bad, it's just in comparison to part one)

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