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Thread: when using pan and crop get horizontal lines

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    Default when using pan and crop get horizontal lines

    like it isn't deinterlaced, but only when i use the pan and crop, like there will be clips without pan and crop that look fine but then the ones where i do use it seem as if they weren't deinterlaced, any help would be much appreciated! thanks

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    This could look ok after you have rendered it. Try selecting a small section that has been cropped and render that section as a test.

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    it only is like that once ive rendered it, in the preview window it looks fine

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    What are your settings, project properties, render settings etc.

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    I did the thing where you pick the clip and it picks the best settings for you

    they are
    project settings- HDV 1080-60i
    Field Order: upper field first
    Frame rate- 29
    Pixel Format- 8bit
    Motion Blur- Gaussian
    Deinterlace- Blend Fields (have tried interpolate, no success)

    Rendering using same and
    15 quality
    B-frames- 2
    Level- High
    constant bit rate- 25,000,000
    i frames- 15

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    I don't see anything wrong with those. Are all the clips from the same source?

    How much have you zoomed in on the clips? If it's a lot you may just have to put up with it. When you crop a clip you are taking something made up from 1018 horizontal lines of pixels and reducing the number of lines relative to the amount of zoom. In other words you are taking away the full HD aspect of the clip.

    This means when you render your project the software has to work very hard to "correct" this difference. Depending on the codec you use, the result may lead to interlace artifacts.

    I am not expert enough to recommend which codec is better than another. Or the best settings to overcome the problem. It's also difficult to deal with a problem like this from a distance. So sorry if I'm being less than helpful.

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    huh well thanks for the help

    i'll just keep experimenting till something works

    but yeah im not even zooming in a lot, just a bit so i can do some fake handheld motion in the clips

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    on the "project properties" (alt+enter) try setting the "Full-resolution rendering Quality" to BEST, then try a small section to check

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