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Thread: Moments of Poetry - Original song

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    Smile Moments of Poetry - Original song

    My friend has been singing / songwriting for ages but only recently has she started to take things a bit more seriously. So I offered to record a video for her and we cobbled this together last night.

    The audio was recorded straight to camera from the two mics and filmed with one widescreen and two 4:3 cameras.

    The two 4:3 cameras are only basic camcorders and very difficult to manage colour balancing and such, although they said they did the white balance correct I don't think I believe them.

    Also, the background could have been a bit more interesting, but then the video is all about the music so I'm not sure.....Hit me.

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    How many takes did you do? I think its cool, possibly a little distracting.. but you sound is pretty good considering you were going straight to camera.. She has a nice voice..

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    Wow she is really good. What a voice & such a strong song!
    I thought you did a greaty job recording the audio, it sounded so good,
    & although the video was the poor relation it was pretty effective for the limitations of the setting.
    If you do any more videos for this lady you must go to town on them, she deserves it & I'm sure you have the ability to produce something to do her justice.


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    We filmed the whole song through on one take on the 3 camera setup. Then played that recording back and filmed some extras shots only on the one camera (all the close up handheld shots).

    The audio is straight into the camera other than a bit of EQ and a little reverb.

    We just wanted to get a video recorded and her youtube channel up (we created the channel and I finished the edit today). So anything for her at the moment is better than nothing, but I know that's no excuse. But yes the video could be better, my living room doesn't lend itself greatly to an interesting environment.

    I am going to be recording more songs for her, using a grand piano also. I will have more time and am hoping to get hold of some more equipment, another decent camera for a start and some lighting.

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    Really nice Matt, I can't believe you filmed it, edited it and uploaded it in under 24hrs. I think you did a good job balancing the cameras. Very nice edits, good variety of shots. The sound was good. Good song very nicely sung. Good use of split screen.

    Only one thing I can think of on first viewing is the end titles were a bit fast for my slow brain.

    Very well done to both of you.

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    I loved the closeups of the playing. And I found the audio was very clear. It was also pleasing to see someone performing solo for 5 mins with a consistantly acceptable quality.

    I don't want this to appear as a criticism, but as observations:

    1) Although 2 mics were used, the result sounded like they were mixed together into a single mono track. (I appreciate it is best to put guitar and vocals into the middle of the stereo) but:

    2) Personally, I would have used slightly less reberb. Had Mr Clay7 not mentioned the reberb; I was going to ask what kind of room was she sitting in. It sounded like the bailiffs had been and taken all the furnishings.

    3) Accoustic guitars are not easy to record. Clay7 found a sweet spot. I appreciate we don't all have the equipment, but I prefer 2 mics on an accoustic. I use two Shure PG81 mics.

    4) The single has a high voice, and uses a capo. It sounds like she may not always strike the lower strings. As a result, the audio sounds a little shrill, even though it is a biggish guitar and outputs more volume bass than smaller guitars.
    Adding another instrument would be perfect, but otherwise; I would seek to take some treble off the guitar track.

    5) I am curious about the camera lens and how far the cam was from the guitar (e.g. 0:05, frame on left showing seated singer). The body of the guitar looks enormous.

    Sorry for rambling. I just wish I had the guts to be filmed while playing.

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    agreed, there is a little too much reverb, she's definitely not in an empty room. And the limitations of placing both feeds direct to camera resulted in the recording a little treble heavy with not enough bass.

    We are planning to do another shoot with her (this Friday if all goes according to plan). We have a much better audio and camera setup planned (and with her on a grand piano not guitar), so results should be lovely jubley.

    That wide 4:3 camera was only about a metre and a half away from her (if that), not far at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarah & Allison View Post
    If you do any more videos for this lady you must go to town on them, she deserves it & I'm sure you have the ability to produce something to do her justice.


    well put.... i totally agree.

    your friend has a lot of talent

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    We're actually going to film a couple of her other songs this Friday! In an auditorium with her on a grand piano. We have got 2 XDCAMs (EX1's I believe), going to be lighting it properly, and have a dolly and a crane.

    Now THAT's doing it properly! Should be fun.

    Anyone live near Cardiff and might like to help out?

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    Good luck with Friday's shoot!
    If we didnt live 200 miles away we might've come.

    Sarah & Allison

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