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Thread: First attempt at editing and grading

  1. Default First attempt at editing and grading

    Hi All,
    So after lurking and watching all the great videos on the site I have decided to jump in and give it a try.. I am working in SD until I feel I am HD This is my first attempt at multiple shots and editing and grading. I wanted a 70's nostalgic look so I attempted to grade the footage with a orange-y faded look. And to cut down on the complexity I used some music from Metric that I really liked and solved that issue. I would love some thoughts on what everyone thinks.. I want to get better so any words would be great. Thanks in advance.

    On Vimeo

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    I am just gonna dive in and get in there first before the people who know what they are on about rock up... In the wise words of Louis Walsh... I like it!

    I think it looks like a pro finish, very slick to watch and the music gives it a certain gravitas.

    My gushing tribute should be balanced by the fact that my own videos are bloody amateur so it is hardly an "expert" opinion


    10 Yetis have been known to have the odd dabble at marketing n\' stuff, penguins need not apply.

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    This is beautiful, absolutely loverly. I don't care what anybody else says I think it's perfect.

    Thanks so much for posting it.

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    Thanks so much Midnight! I am a still photog by profession and I have to say this is very different.. but fun

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    Like Midnight said that is really special & quite lovely, I had tears in my eyes!
    It made me wish my kids were young again.
    I dont know the band Metric, but if I was them i would want that as the official video to the song!
    Some of those shots where you cut off the top of Nora's head or the side of her face, I would never have dreamed of taking & yet they all worked so well.
    The song was the perfect choice, & the whole thing was beautiful.
    Well done.

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    Thanks so much Sarah.. Yea Im a big fan of close cropping, it's tricky with kids because they move quickly and go in and out of frame too much, Nora was cooperative this time though.. Also with my small chip camera the DOF is a pain, so if I zoom in and crop tight i can knock those backgrounds out a bit..

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    Good song by a good band to go along with this great video

    had some great shots and i dig the colors, nice work!

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    Yes, a cracker!
    I have six honest, serving men. They taught me all I knew.
    Their names are What and Why and When. And How and Where and Who! (Rudyard Kipling)

  9. Default Tihings we sometimes take for granted

    Loved it,, My daughter is very photogenic BUT won't when the camera is on!!

    That was a lovely fun way to spend some time and preserve it,

    Loved the cropping and the ability to catch the feeling of fun and relaxation in the footage.

    Thank you for posting

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    Thanks Mustang.. Thanks so much, I do have my daughter trained well.. poor girl will certainly end up in therapy at some

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