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    Default AVCHD to?

    I have an HD camera that records in AVCHD. Now, I dont have a quad core maxed out to the max super computer so I am forced to convert the files to a format that doesn't grind my machine to a halt.

    Converting to Mpeg2s works well, but the quality loss is a bit much. Also, experimenting with the endless number of available formats is very time consuming.

    Anyone have any tips on a good compromise format consisting of some combination of: processor usage during edit/playback, image quality, and perhaps conversion time? Not concerned too much about file size (within reason anyway).

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    I uses a program called Voltiac HD which converts it to WMV, AVI, or Quicktime files.
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    Retains decent quality picture and should edit smoothly.

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    Can your camera record in SD this might be a better idea than converting it from AVCHD. If not .avi like enc said should be the most edit friendly and maintain quality.

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    .avi is nothing but a container.

    Any codec could be inside.

    If possible, transcode your AVCHD video to either Cineform or Avid DNxHD

    Cineform costs money but it is lossless and easy to edit.

    Avid's DNxHD Is not lossless, but it is visually lossless and is completely free

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    Best DVD Ripper is such a useful tool, which can rip dvd to popular video formats which can be played on most portable devices, and it is also an excellent DVD Converter, and for youtube fans, i think the Free Youtube Converter is a good program to use!

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    Default AVCHD TO DVD issues

    Hi Guys, I have posted a similar query on this site and have, despite 119 people looking, had no-one who has offered up any advice. My query is; I have recorded film on my Canon HG10, and now want to put all the film that has filled up the camera's hard, onto DVD in its original form. What format is compatible with DVD to play on a standard def TV, that retains all the quality of the original film, does anyone know? I only have a standard def TV so it seems pointless to have a high quality camcorder if I can only reproduce film at lower quality. Any advice would be very gratefully received

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    There is only one format to create a DVD and that is MPEG2. Your DVD creation software will automatically convert your files to this format. The only thing you may need to adjust is the bit rate. This setting will depend on the final file size in relation to the disk capacity.

    For example a standard 4.7Gb DVD would normally have a bit rate of 7-8Mbs per second to produce a good quality video. BUT if the length of the video is to long you will either have to split it on to two DVDs or reduce the bit rate. This will have to be determined by your decision on how you think the quality looks.

    Normally your software will automatically sort out these kinds of issues for you.

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