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Thread: Videostudio X2 and AVCHD

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    Default Videostudio X2 and AVCHD

    I've done a search on the forums for 'Videostudio' but can't find my particular problem.

    I bought Videostudio X2 a couple of months ago and have been using it with SD files with little problem.

    I'm awaiting delivery of a Panasonic HDC-TM10 which saves as AVCHD files and was hoping to use Videostudio for editing. However, I've downloaded a couple of small (25-30MB) AVCHD files from different sources - both with .mts file extensions and, although they load into Videostudio, the program just hangs with the hourglass spinning.

    Running Windows 7 64 bit on Intel E6750 dual core with 6GB RAM.

    Anybody any experience of usinf Videostudio X2 with AVCHD, or able to advise me as to what the problem could be? Having only recently bought VS X2 I don't really want to pay to upgrade to X3 if it will have the same problem.

    I do have Serif MoviePlus X3, which does handle these files fine, but I don't like it as much as Videostudio.

    Many thanks for any help.

    Ray D

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    Have you put the latest patch on, it makes it more compatible with a greater variety of cameras.

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    Yes, all patches are up to date. Clicking on 'check for upgrades' just sends me to the Videostudio Pro X3 upgrade offer.

    I have downloaded the X3 trial and that does seem to handle the files OK - just X2 which freezes. Pity as I don't want to fork out 59 to upgrade a package I only bought a couple of months ago.


    Ray D

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