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Thread: Strange sound quality problem transferring video

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    Default Strange sound quality problem transferring video

    I just started transferring my large number of tapes to my computer after many years. I'm using a panasonic NV-GX7 camera (mini DV) with a firewire connection to my medion 8822 (dual core processor) computer. Software is Cyberlink Power Director 8. The problem is that when i listen to the audi while recording it crackles and suffers from 'flutter' - the louder the sound the worse the effect! Yet when I replay the final saved file its fine - is this a problem with the software or my computer? Thanks

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    Perhaps the PC is busy doing the recording and therefore cannot play at the same time. The recording is a more critical task. The PC tries its best to play (by talking to the PC's sound card), but gets interrupted everytime the CPU is needed for the recording. I guess this occurs many randomly many times a second; resulting in the described distortion.
    A faster PC might manage better.

    Some Audio software use a system named ASIO, which can speed up the audio connections between an external device; the PC and it's soundcard. AFAIF, Cyberlink does not use ASIO. (But then again, I don't remember seeing ASIO mentioned in any Camera/Firewire software.)

    I am pleased the final saved file is fine - that's most important.

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