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Thread: Video post on a shoestring...or there-abouts......

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    Default Video post on a shoestring...or there-abouts......

    If you are looking for post-production facilities for your next video production why not consider editing in The Netherlands in convivial surroundings at a variety of editing facilities in central Amsterdam with a wide choice of freelancers the services of which I currently co-ordinate on a non-profit goodwill basis. This is not a commercial plug as such but a way of making sure that the small operators who deserve it, keep on getting some work.

    We have all non-linear broadcast standard facilities and experienced editors available at around 500 Euros (345)($650) or even less per day, or something to suit your budget even. We are always happy to talk about doing a deal with you.

    Avoid the very high cost of doing post-production at an expensive facilities house and get the edit you want crafted by people who are passionate about great productions be they big or small budget.

    Please mail direct at

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    Alan has already moved your other thread to "pimp the link".

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