Hi. I have a canon 530i camcorder. I just don't seem to be able to edit the fil. I can import the film from my camcorder into the computer, but as soon as I try to edit it using the Presto video works which came with the camera, it takes 5 hours to save 9 minutes. I have 60Gb and a19Gb partioned drive into an 11+Gb and 7+Gb and running windows 98 with 128 RAM. PLEASE can anybody tell me what is occuring. I have tried the MUVEE software which I downloaded from their site as a trial which works in about 9 mins but you cannot add blow-outs and faders and checker board disslovers etc. I look forward to somebody being able to help me. ALSO, is there a better software package that I can buy inexpensively or is the canon Presto OK -and it is that I just do do not know how to use it.