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Thread: Musical Experiment

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    Default Musical Experiment

    I was experimenting with some of the functions in Vegas to see if I could create a tune with unusual instruments. Like door slam and foot stomp for the drums. Unfortunately I ran out of ideas so had to start using more conventional instruments. But tried to keep the flavor of my original idea.

    It's not Mozart or the Beatles but here is the result.

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    Very interesting. I hope MB develops the idea.
    I suspect there are alot of items in a house which could be added; but require to be hit carefully to prevent damage!
    I agree, it was not like Mozart. I was reminded of the opening bars of Pink_Floyd's 'money'.

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    This reminds me of something in a similar vein while back, but deleted as I never persued teh project.

    I was consideriing making a film of my father's model railway. For an opening scene I envisaged a shot of the layout from above, zooming out and slowly rotating a la EastEnders.

    I took audio from various sources of steam engine videos, and created samples tuned to different notes and then used Acid (cheap version) to play the EE tune.

    The drumbeat was a low whoosh (from a loco starting to move) and a high hiss, and the melody was a variety of steam loco whistles, appropriately tuned.

    Sadly when I decided not to do the project, I accidentally deleted the music as well.

    Can't remember whether you'd have seen the following before, Midnight, but your vid reminded me of thie:


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    No I haven't seen that before. I guess that's the kind of thing I was aiming for when I first had the idea. BUT failed.

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    dogs in hats and shades..... always a winner

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    Okay, not Mozart... More like Stockhausen.

    Dogs in hats and shades, you can't beat 'em, especially on a club 18-30.

    Kewl, liked it.

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    First off, I liked it!

    The idea started well, with the door and stamping being on the verge of excellent, but come on Midnight, ...ran out of ideas! What a get out. Do it again with some added imagination!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by enc View Post
    dogs in hats and shades..... always a winner
    I only included the dog because I know how much TimS loves pets in videos.

    Ian, your right I got very lazy, I did spend some time looking for crockery in the key of E but lost interest after going through all the kitchen cupboards without success.

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    That was interesting.
    I've always been fascinated with this idea since I heard years ago Pink Floyd had the same concept for the follow up album to Dark Side of the Moon: ie: an album composed of music played on household objects. They had to abandon it because of how slow & limiting it proved to be in writing & recording (of course this was before the days of Samplers).
    Have you got some latency in your system MB, some of the instruments seem to have strayed off the beat?


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    The electric guitar shots were badly mimed but with the limitations of my set up I had to guess the timing as I didn't even have a play back. The xylophone seemed to go out of sync a bit during rendering I don't know why. My timing is very poor at the best of times, I'm so out of practise. Add into the mix my bad editing this all adds up to "mental latency" on my part.

    I do have an oldish PC which isn't really up to doing multi-track recording but it was only the electric guitar parts that were recorded directly into Vegas. The rest of the sounds where taken directly from the on board mic of the camera during filming.

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