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Thread: I'm thinking of going HD but need some questions answering...

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    Default I'm thinking of going HD but need some questions answering...

    Firstly tapes. I've seen the HDV tapes around and assume they fit the same slot as a MiniDV tape at least of some of the Sony machines that record on Mini DV also. Are these tapes reliable and what is the longest recording time you can get. Is it still 60 mins?

    Is importing from an HDV tape exactly the same as MiniDV via firewire?

    I like the idea of recording to disk or some hardware that's reliable and saves the hours of capturing later. Question is what format do these HD cameras record in? I know some do MP4 which I'm advised to avoid but wonder if this is standard across the entire price spectrum?

    Editing HD. I'm sure the processors of my PC are up to it but I've not got a HD monitor or video card so are these things I need to consider before buying the camera? Could I edit happily with the SD and upgrade later? Do I need to upgrade at all?

    I'm thinking of spending 1500 to 1700 second hand. I know I only just fall into HD and hard disc group. It's not like I'm after a flip cam or anything.

    Thanks in advance!
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