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    I'm looking for a quite good camera to make some short movies I've been written.
    There are 3 cameras that seem to be fine but I can't choose.
    1. Canon Legria HFS21
    2. Sony HDR-XR550E
    3.Panasonic HDC-HS700

    The biggest difference seems to be the size of the lens(Canon:43,5 - 435 mm , Sony; 29,8 - 298 mm, Panasonic: 35-420mm) but I don't know the specific meaning of it
    Can some one help me?

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    Hi there, and welcome to DD.

    The numbers you have quoted are the 35mm equivalent of the focal length of the lenses. It is the standard way of comparing lenses angle of view and gives some meaning to the often quoted "10x zoom" "12x optical zoom" etc.
    Therefore a lens that has 35-350mm has the angle of view of a 35mm lens on an old film camera (confusingly know as 35mm film cameras) at the wide end and a 350mm telephoto at the long end. This makes it a 10x zoom.

    If you imagine that a 50mm focal length gives the same view as 'normal' eyesight, then anything less than 50mm would be a wide-angle view and anything more than 50mm would be a telephoto view (looks closer).

    The nature of your intended filming should tell you which is more important to you, the wide angle capability or the telephoto one. If you need crowd shots, landscapes etc. then the wide angle is the most important. If on the other hand your film is likely to need a lot of distance work (i.e. nature/wildlife) then the telephoto capability will be more important.

    Of the three examples you have given, you will not notice much, if any, difference in the quality of the image from the lens point of view, as they all support pretty decent glass.

    If you do intend to do much hand held work (not really recommended) then the Canon has the slightly better stabilisation system.

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