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    Hello everyone

    I'm creating a project on DVD Architect 5, and I have many videos that I extracted from a commercially released DVD with DVD Decrypter. DVD Architect is telling me they are not dvd-compliant but doesn't tell me why. They are mpg-2 NTSC 4:3... of course the project is set to NTSC, I added other mpg-2 NTSC files that are NOT from that DVD to the same project and everything is fine...

    I just have no idea what could be wrong or how to fix the files so I don't have to re-encode them...

    Anyway, thanks for reading and please help me...
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    What is the file extension of the files DVD Architect is rejecting? And what kind of audio are you using? Is DVD Architect saying it needs to re-encode the video, audio, or both? If you gave it a file that contains both video and audio, it will have to extract the audio and re-encode it.

    For best results, give it an MPEG2 (with an MPG extension) for the video and a separate AC3 or WAV file for the audio. If the two files have the same name (other than extension) and are in the same directiory, DVDA will automatically add the audio when you insert the video file.


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    Hi, thanks for responding so quick.

    The videos have .mpg extension, they don't have any audio because I'm adding audio tracks with the program...

    It tells me it needs to re-encode the videos because they are not dvd-compliant. But the basic parameters are correct, 720x480 29,9fps NTSC 4:3 ... just like the project. And all the other files that are not extracted from that commecially released DVD, were accepted and have the same parameters...

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