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Thread: Problem with AVS, Please Help

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    Unhappy Problem with AVS, Please Help


    I am trying to make a movie in AVS VIDEO EDITOR 4 and have a big problem :(

    When it comes to playing the movie in the preview box, it freezes and stutters really bad.

    However say I just save it and upload it on youtube, it plays fine on there :S

    My comp specs are:

    AMD Athlon 64 Processor
    994 MHz, 448mb of RAM

    Is my computer to slow to do it?

    Its only when I try to preview my work when this happens, just stutters its awful. It never runs smooth so I can see it

    Please Help


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    Default :)

    what type of file is is. I had the same problem and my file was a .MTS

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    Do you have the option to lower the preview quality this could help or you sometimes need to prepender the clips on the time line to get a smooth playback. Your computer is a bit weak for video editing as well.

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