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Thread: filmakers wanted for a transexual story....

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    Default filmakers wanted for a transexual story....

    I am wanting to make my story,have part finished a book and want to make a film as either a true or based on true events

    I had a sex change from female to male
    Was abused sexually and physically and verbally by parents
    Bullied at school as i was different

    Had a successful time in music during teens and ealry 20's in uk and asian mainly and modelling on catwalk and did loads ads and short films in asia and usa

    Struggled with drug and drink

    Was on gay scene and had model girlfriends and boyfriends

    Worked in mafia world and escaped with a payout

    got kidnapped and set up via that ex mafia work

    Was homeless for 4 years after

    Was mugged one year and then raped by a gang the year after on a rough estate

    Treated unfairly by police force and won case after a 4 year battele and battling internal case still against police at the moment

    there is alot of colourful twists and turns and I am only 36 and would like to tell this story so far

    if anyone is interested let me know

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    Hi there, can you email me and we can chat. I am London-based:

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