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    I'm about to start on a documentary out in Mexico and I'm preparing the editing set up/work flow and I'm a bit confused about shooting footage at different frame rates. Due to the nature of the project the film is likely to be shown in Mexico, America and Europe. Of course Mexico and the US use a different frame rate to Europe so I was wondering what would be the best format to shoot on to allow the film to converted so it can be shown in all the countries we hope to show it in.

    I was always told that if you needed to, convert 30 to 25 and not the other way round. Is this correct? Also, there a chance that the film maybe be shot in different frames rates, if worst comes to worse we will have to shoot on our own personal cameras, i.e. both Pal and NTSC. I imagine this will make editing the footage a real nightmare. If this did happen is there a workflow that would suit this type of set up. I'll be editing on final cut. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    As you are in NTSC land don't complicate things by trying to accommodate PAL people. Just shoot at 30 fps. Set the project the same. Render at 30 fps when you make your DVD for the home market.

    When your ready to make the DVD for the PAL market render the mpeg2 file at 25 fps.

    This should work fine.

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    Thanks Midnight Blue.

    So only when when I've exported a 30fps files of the film should I convert it to 25 frames.

    If it did come to it, and we had to shoot on a mixture of 30 and 25 footage, (I'm trying my hardest not to make this happen) would you recommend converting all the 25 fps footage to 30 before editing it. I now thats something you should never do, but if it came to it, would it have a big effect on the footage quality?

    Thanks again.

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    Render out the 30 fps and then render a different one at 25 fps. It would be better to do this than converting a file.

    If you have to have mixed frame rates on the time line. Set the project properties to the one you have the most of and keep your fingers crossed. It should work.

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    Thanks for the advice Midnight Blue. It helped alot!

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