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    Hi There, made up picture compilation, 30 picts and added music track, looks great plays great and is a "DAR" file, but when i try to add it to menu based project, nothing happens, it seems not to be the required file, i get a small red circle with a red line through it, i have no problems adding any number of short films to a project and making a lovely job, but adding the Picture Compilation with films seems to be a no no, any ideas thanks in advance

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    What is a DAR file ?

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    A .dar file is a DVD Architect project file. It's (sort of) the equivalent of a Vegas .veg file.

    The thing is, it only means something to DVD Architect. What you've done is created a set of instructions for producing a picture compiliation when it's burned to DVD. This is not the same thing as having created a picture compilation. (You can't "nest" dar files in the way that you can veg files)

    I'm not familiar enough with DVDA (I only make video DVDs) but my guess is you need to create your menu and within one of those menu options create your picture compilation.

    You may find that if you have two DVDA projects open (your pict comp and your menu one) you can drag your picture compilation across.

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    The DAR is a project file and not a end user file like AVI, best to make the slide show in Vegas as there more options available

    If you have the slide show done in DVD-A then just add the extra clips as menu on the front page , drag and drop if that's easier, do check the audio is there as well. Highlight the clip and press F2 to rename if required.
    You can also make play lists

    my site has some links to DVD-A tutorilas you may find usefull.

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    Thanks Tim, my pict comp was a dar file, and try as i could it would not drag or drop anywhere, but i got my way around it, on making a Menu based DVD in the Project overview window, i added pict comp, i then had to compile another identical pict comp which this time it did accept, seemed a long way round but i got there, i have no idea if there is an easier way , sorry for the delay in answering, i lost your message, many many thanks

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    Hi there Z Cheema, sorry for the delay, but i lost your message
    First, i have came on leaps and bounds with DVDa now, delighted with my Menu Based DVDs, never dreamed of making slide show on Vegas, great idea, not to sure about extra clips, i made slide show in DVDa with music and was proud of it , but try as i may i could not drag it anywhere, i tried everything, but my dar file Videos, no probs i can put in as many as the DVD holds, and make a lovely job, do you mean i could add extra clips to the existing slide show which will make it acceptable or do you add clips to the project overview to do this. please bear with me, but im determined to get to gips with this, i will be going to your site now, and once again i can only thank you, the advice from yourself and others has helped me no end

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    By extra clips I mean you can have a menu base system where you can watch either have the option of watching different slide shows or you can mix and match video with slide shows in the same project.

    Making slide shows in is Vegas i much easier as you can adjust the duration of each shot to match the music, there also scripts to automate the production of slide shows. You can also pan and scan pictures to how you like or mix with video

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