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    Default Sailing action video


    Would you like to sail with me?

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    Nicely put together although I'm personally not a fan of the letterbox format, especially when streaming.
    To be hyper critical, is it just a tad too long with one or two slightly wobbly shots near the end that could well come out?
    Was that a Short Sunderland flying boat? I didn't think there were any still flying!
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    I thought this was really gorgeous for a while and then, I'm sorry to say, I got bored. I guess the subject just didn't do enough for me to just watch and listen.

    Apart from looking good it didn't tell me anything and perhaps I really need a narative (not a narration) to keep me interested for even 3.32.

    A shame because I thought it was very well shot and lovingly edited. Unlike Ian, I quite like the letterbox format and in particular I like the split screen stuff (which only really works in a piece like this as it's impossible to concentrate on the content of both windows)

    I didn't like the wipe transitions. To me they cheapened the look of the vid, though this is very much a queston of personal taste.

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    some fantastic footage captured in difficult conditions ...
    liked the colour grading but struggled with the split screen mainly due to the fast pace of the piece (but, also i have a slight hangover )

    nice work.
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    I mirror Tims comments, some beautiful shots certainly but a bit lacking to keep attention. Maybe would work perfectly for a yacht sales website or something? Where the target audience would naturally be into sailing and would be able to appreciate it more?

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    Thanks you for all reply...

    @IanA - Short Sunderland flying boat... no it was Canadair.
    @TimStannard - next time it will be shorter for sure...
    @enc - yes, I will use less split screen and more normal shoots...
    @clay_9 - yes.. this is specific movie for people who sails....

    for sure, I need more practice...

    thx to all for comments..

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    I find it difficult to comment on this movie as I can't get over the jealousy of your life style.

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