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    Hi Guys,

    Sorry i know this is a first time post, but I'm so stuck if I can't figure this out I'm going to give up and sell the Canon Legria FS22 I was given for Christmas:( Or cry.

    I'm using/learning Premiere Elements 3.0 and I've fiddled around with the presets, the Aspect ratio and the exporting and it ALWAYS comes out looking distorted and liney like this:

    YouTube - Icklegoth's Channel

    (if that makes sense). i've got a great camcorder - but I'm never going to be able to make decent movies if this is the quality.

    Please please could someone tell me where Im going wrong because I'm getting all this footage and i can't do anything with it! :(

    Thankyou for your help!


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    You need to determine what aspect ratio you are shooting your footage in 16:9 or 4:3 when you know this you can set your editing program the same. This will stop the video from being squashed.

    Example the video on your channel titled sequence 01.wmv was shot in 16:9 but was rendered out in 4:3 if you set your render to widescreen (16:9) it will look right.

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    Thanks for responding! I have the preset set to Widescreen 16.9 and the camcorders set to that - do I have to do something more specific with the rendering and how do I go about doing that?



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    Have also just discovered the term Interlacing, and that i have to deinterlace each clip in PE3 before editing it all together. Hopefuly combining that with sorting the aspect ratio will improve the quality....

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    I can't really help you on the specifics of your software as I've never used it, just the general concepts. You don't have to deinterlace each clip before editing.

    Hopefully someone who is familiar with the program you use will be able to help you with the specific settings.


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