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    Question black border

    I am relatively new to video editing. I'm using a Canon Vixia HG21 camera and Corel Video Studio 12 for editing. Last time I put something on YouTube I noticed black borders all the way around, which made the video smaller than necessary. How can I get rid of the black border.

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    If you could give us your render settings etc. we may be able to help. Was the footage suppose to be Hi Def, widescreen ? Does it normally normally have black bars across the top and bottom when not on youtube ? The more information you give us the easier it will be for us to help you.

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    Default black border

    It's a high def file (MTS, whatever that is) that I rendered as mp4. The video is at . I'm told in the future I should render out as dv files. If I do that, it looks like I have the option of ntsc dv 4:3 or ntsc dv 16:9. Is this enough information?
    Thanks for however you can help.

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    Aspect Ratio
    The aspect ratio of the original source video should always be maintained when it's uploaded: Uploaded videos should never include letterboxing or pillarboxing bars.
    The YouTube player automatically adds black bars so that videos are displayed correctly without cropping or stretching, whatever the size of the video or the player. For example, the player will add vertical bars (pillarboxing) automatically to 4:3 videos in the new 16:9 wide-screen player size. If the player is resized (when embedded on another website, for example) the same process takes place, so that 16:9 videos are letterboxed (black bars top and bottom) when the player is sized to 4:3, for example. Similarly, anamorphic videos will be letterboxed automatically when shown in either 16:9- or 4:3-sized players. The player can only do this if the native aspect ratio of the video is maintained.
    If letterboxing is added to a video before it's uploaded (to create a 4:3 video from a 16:9 master, for example), the wide-screen player will add pillarbox bars too, resulting in black bars all around the video (windowboxing) and a bad viewing experience (see the diagram below).

    The above is taken from the YouTube Upload page. As you can see you have a 4:3 video with letterbox top and bottom. YouTube is then adding the bars at the side to keep the correct aspect ratio in the 16:9 player but in the 4:3 player above the side bars have gone.

    The only way to get rid of the bars is to crop them out in editing. To create a 16:9 ratio video size. Up loading that to you tube at a render of 1280 x 720 size will make YouTube think it is Hi Def and will appear in the 16:9 player without any black bars.

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