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Thread: i need help with an effect.

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    Default i need help with an effect.

    I want to have scene that looks like it has been taken on a digital camera's point of view. I don't know how. For example, the scene has aperture points or something like that. Please, I need help.

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    1] Make a graphic which has all the elements you want; save at same dimensions as your Project FOrmat in PNG file including the ALPHA channel for transparency - MyDgitalCamera.png.

    2] Insert a new track above your existing track; Import same graphic - MyDgitalCamera.png into Vegas and place on topmost track

    3] Right click on this Event and select properties and then the Media Tab; Go down to "Alpha channel" and select "Premutiplied"; Click OK and your PNG will now have a transparent background allowing your Events on Track 2 to be seen.

    If you would like me to do this graphic for you, holla!

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    ohh. yes please if you don't mind.

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    Have got a particular Digital Camera "overlay" you had in mind?

    What I need is a screen grab of your Project settings - yeah?

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    Uhm. I was thinking like a somewhat circle in the middle and then a rectangle outside the circle. I'm sorry. I don't really know how to describe it. But I do hope you get what I mean.

    NTSC drop frame (29.97 fps)
    MPEG files
    24 bits, 720 x 480, 29.97 fps
    Lower Field First
    (DVD-NTSC), 16:9
    Video data rate: Variable (Max. 8000 kbps)
    LPCM Audio, 48000 Hz, Stereo

    would this do?

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    Yeah, that's a start. Do you have piccie of what you are thinking of?

    I'm setting up Vegas and my Graphic Editor right now . .

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    You want it widescreen or not?

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    Uhm. not widescreen.

    hm. i can't find a picture. wait. i'll try to find one.

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    OK . . So that's Right angles in each corner AND a circle in middle with semicricle at 180 degrees.

    Is that it?

    I just did a widescreen "target" cross-hair in a PNG. I saw you had WS for DVD and thought you wanted that? OK . . . redo . ..

    file sharing here is a pain . . need to make a colour BG for you and then you will have to Chromakey out colour . . no biggie . .

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