Hey I had a question and hopefully it can be resolved quickly...not sure how active these forums are. Anyways, I have a video file, around 8 minutes in length, and theres a certain part of the video file I want slowed down. I slowed it down, in the preview its fine, but when I render it to a .wmv file (6mbps 720-30p) the part I want shown in slow motion is about 2-3 seconds ahead of where I have it set in the program.

What I did was I spliced the video into 3 sections...the part leading up to the slow motion, the slow motion part, and the rest of the video...

I then held CTRL and dragged the part I want slowed down. Like I said, it looks fine in the preview.

But when I render it to the above mentioned file type, the slow motion occurs a good 2-3 seconds ahead of where I have it.

I tried cutting the video down to just that slow motion section, rendering it (which plays fine, but is only a 30 second or so clip), then added that rendered file to the video...but when I rendered the whole thing, at the part where the slow motion begins, theres a little "jerk" and you can tell the video was put together.

Heres a picture of what the timeline looks like: