firstly, sorry if this is in the wrong place, please advise where this should be posted.
I have been given a late chance to get onto a course due to a late pull out. As a project to get onto the course, I need to produce a short (3-5mins) highlight DVD of an upcoming sporting event. I have a DVD recorder (Sony RDR-HXD890). My plan is to record the event onto the DVD recorder, burn this onto a DVD, edited this on my PC and then burn the disk to be sent in.
My questions are as follows:
1) What disks should I use?
2) What software should I use? As well as editing out the highlights, I may need to add text, screens with stats in etc.
3) Are there any free software/software with trial periods that I could use and where can I get them from?
4) If I burn the disk on my PC to be submitted, can I 'finalise' it on my DVD recorder and how do I do this on my PC?
5) Any tips and is my plan feasible?

Sorry for the big post, but this is a big chance for me and I have been given short notice.