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Thread: III-Short Film/Action Essentials 2 Test

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    Default III-Short Film/Action Essentials 2 Test

    shot this without much of a story, just wanted to use some action essentials 2 and see how the gasmask and other items looked on the camera.

    it sort of evolved into a series about simply someone trying to get out of the country after the U.S. starts WW3 and their resources are dwindling down.

    the second one was shot in the Dunes of Pismo Beach, Ca.

    hopefully we'll film the 3rd soon (in a waterpark, but my friends uncle owns it and its closed down now so it'll seem all abandoned0 and a prequel to explain more story.

    oh and i know i forgot to switch the exposure to manual, i was disappointed i had forgotten that afterward cause some shots would have looked a lot better

    Here's the first

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    An interesting experiment Rich. Goes on a bit to long for me without any real narrative but had an interesting look to it with some good ideas.

    Near the start you did a funny edit which made the man running seem odd to me. The first angle running away from the camera was fine but then at 0:48 cutting to a side shot just seemed odd, I think it was a continuity issue. As though it was two different people running. You did this a few times. If someone is running past a tree in one shot the the next cut has to have that tree in the shot etc.

    Good use of music to create a tension.

    Well done.

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    thanks for the feedback

    yeah something seemed off about the running scenes but i couldn't place it, thanks for pointing it out!

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    I agree with Midnight, I like what you did. It's unfortunate about the auto exposure, but hey, those things happen. I also also found the cutting with running a little disorienting, but I think it is because in the surrounding shots he is going from screen right to left, but in the side shots he is going in the opposite direction, which implies that it is someone else, and even that someone else is approaching him. Otherwise, yeah, you need what Midnight said with having the same tree in the side shot or something to orient the viewer. But no biggie,.. we figure it out as it goes on, it's just a little jarring.

    But overall I like what you did. I especially like that you didn't dwell on the Action Essentials FX,.. what I mean is, most people do an explosion and try to stay on it as long as possible, but I find in the stuff I have seen, and some stuff that I have done with Action Essentials, the more you stay on it, the more fake it can look. Now obviously compositing and FX skills can lessen that, but not all of us are pros with FX,.. I'm certainly not. But I like what you did with the quick cuts, making it clear there was an explosion but not dwelling on the effect. Anyhow that's just me.

    I also liked the "through the gasmask" shots,.. nice touch. But I think there was a shot where he appeared to be looking around, and then I thought I saw someone walk in from the right, and then you cut back to the guy alone,.. that was also a little confusing.

    But overall, good job. It had a nice "24" feel to it. It's a good test,..

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    I thought the edit was sweet and the colouring looked great. Im not a fan of this modern shaky cam thing but it worked well here. The quality of the footage is superb!...what was it shot with?.....i need a new camera! much filtering is going on?...just trying to learn new stuff and id appreciate the tips!

    Nice work

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    Have to agree broadly with the comments above. The colouring was good, but I found the dark was too dark and falt - for some of the shots it felt like a large part of the image had no detail at all.
    Like Moomin, I am not a fan of wobbly camera and I think its use should be limited to scenes where you want to convey action/confusion as here. However Idid feel it was rather too wobbly.
    But the main criticism is as already pointed out quite correctly by Midnight and 2dart - the directions of the action. You've been gracious enough to accept it - if you want to study what's required research "180 degree rule" , "crossing the line" and "continuity of action".

    Looking forward to the next test (or even the final production)

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    It was shot with a Canon HF S10, on a 1/1000 and 1/500 shutter speed.

    as for the filtering its a sort of cross processed look that i made with curves on sony vegas 9.0 pro, if you want i'll send a screenshot of it but there is only about 3 layers of filtering going on

    to 2dart thanks, yeah action essentials 2 is pretty difficult to make look real it seems, and on vegas it seems harder than after effects. but i was messing with the same shots in this one today and figured with the black smoke in the back (which i didn't do in this one) it makes explosions look much much better.

    to Tim, yeah for a lot of the filming we had to wait for people to finish walking the trail we were filming on so the light became quite dark, especially near the end, i used the fill light filter on vegas but more than i used would have made it too grainy so i stuck with the darker. and yeah i do agree about the wobbly camera on some shots, especially the ones where he is running through the field at the end, working on getting a sort of steadicam contraption soon.

    and yeah i'm going to re-edit to fix the continuity problem so i'll post that when i finish it

    thanks for all the feedback, very helpful!

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