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Thread: Vegas - help re not enough RAM!!

  1. Default Vegas - help re not enough RAM!!

    Working on my 1st SV project (loving it) and 20 minutes into my movie when I opened the file, red images started appearing in the timeline and the software kept crashing. I searched under "Vegas Crashing" and found the thread: "Images Turning Red on Timeline". Having read this I'm assuming my problem is the file is getting too big for my RAM available. I have 4gb which I think actually comes down to 3.2 as I'm on 32 bit.... although I wouldn't profess to be technical so dont quote me on that.

    I think my final movie is going to be in the order of 35 minutes so I'm thinking my solution is to split it into 3/4 parts (I successfully created a DVD from the first 10 minutes so know this file size is OK). I dont have a problem with this but 2 questions:

    (1) if I split into parts, when I come to creating the DVD on DVD Architect can I put all these on the same DVD? - and if so, could these play seamlessly from start to finish? i.e. without having to select each part inidividually in order to watch it... which would kind of ruin the whole movie experience!!

    (2) again, if the above is the best solution and I want to split my current 20 minute movie into 2 parts, is there an easy way I can delete the first 10 minutes wholesale, without having to delete every individual clip, audio file, title etc etc, so I dont have to start all over again!!

    Or any other suggestions?


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    If you have have 4Gb of RAM that should be enough to do a 35 min project. So before you start deleting anything you could try fixing the problem first. Could you give us your clip properties and project settings. This may give us a clue as to whats going on.

    It may just be that you need to adjust the Dynamic RAM preview settings in the preferences.

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    Most of the movie clips are .mod and there are a handful of .wmv and .mov clips. All the photos are .jpeg.

    Dynamic RAM is set to 128 with a max available of 1024.

    If it helps, the error message I sometimes get before the software shuts itself down is:

    An error occurred during the current operation
    An Exception has occurred

    Vegas Movie Studio 9.0
    Version 9.0b (Build 66)
    Exception 0xC0000005 (access violation) WRITE:0x0 IP:0x2303B990
    In Module 'mcmpgvdec.dll' at Address 0x23000000 + 0x3B990
    Thread: Audio5Reader ID=0x3AC Stack=0x699F000-0x69A0000
    EAX=00000001 CS=001b EIP=2303b990 EFLGS=00010206
    EBX=00000000 SS=0023 ESP=0699fcac EBP=0699fcc4
    ECX=0699fc84 DS=0023 ESI=00000010 FS=003b
    EDX=77150f34 ES=0023 EDI=0000234c GS=0000
    Bytes at CS:EIP:
    2303B990: 89 3B EB 95 8D B6 00 00 .;......
    2303B998: 00 00 8D BF 00 00 00 00 ........
    Stack Dump:
    0699FCAC: 0699FC4C 068A0000 + FFC4C
    0699FCB0: 7019DC60 70130000 + 6DC60
    0699FCB4: 0699FD14 068A0000 + FFD14
    0699FCB8: 004AF000 00400000 + AF000 (VegasMovieStudio90.exe)
    0699FCBC: 004AF000 00400000 + AF000 (VegasMovieStudio90.exe)
    0699FCC0: 00002C00
    0699FCC4: 0699FD54 068A0000 + FFD54
    0699FCC8: 2302E829 23000000 + 2E829 (mcmpgvdec.dll)
    0699FCCC: 004AF000 00400000 + AF000 (VegasMovieStudio90.exe)
    0699FCD0: 00000010
    0699FCD4: 7019DC60 70130000 + 6DC60
    0699FCD8: 47B9DF50 47B80000 + 1DF50
    0699FCDC: 47B9DF50 47B80000 + 1DF50
    0699FCE0: 00000000
    0699FCE4: 00000000
    0699FCE8: 00000001
    > 0699FCF8: 004AF000 00400000 + AF000 (VegasMovieStudio90.exe)
    0699FCFC: 7019DC90 70130000 + 6DC90
    0699FD00: 0699FE04 068A0000 + FFE04
    0699FD04: 0E420F50 0E290000 + 190F50
    0699FD08: 47B9DF30 47B80000 + 1DF30
    > 0699FD28: 2303118E 23000000 + 3118E (mcmpgvdec.dll)
    > 0699FD2C: 231C2B10 23000000 + 1C2B10 (mcmpgvdec.dll)
    > 0699FD30: 231C728E 23000000 + 1C728E (mcmpgvdec.dll)
    > 0699FD38: 2302EA7A 23000000 + 2EA7A (mcmpgvdec.dll)
    > 0699FD58: 2302D765 23000000 + 2D765 (mcmpgvdec.dll)
    > 0699FD6C: 2302D06E 23000000 + 2D06E (mcmpgvdec.dll)
    > 0699FD88: 231D5018 23000000 + 1D5018 (mcmpgvdec.dll)
    > 0699FD8C: 034F1CFE 034E0000 + 11CFE (mcmpgdmux.dll)
    0699FD90: 00000100
    0699FD94: 64E000EC 64E00000 + EC
    0699FD98: 7019DC60 70130000 + 6DC60
    0699FD9C: 47B9DF50 47B80000 + 1DF50
    > 0699FDC0: 231C2B10 23000000 + 1C2B10 (mcmpgvdec.dll)
    > 0699FDC4: 231C725C 23000000 + 1C725C (mcmpgvdec.dll)
    > 0699FDCC: 2302D0F0 23000000 + 2D0F0 (mcmpgvdec.dll)
    > 0699FDD8: 2303B63E 23000000 + 3B63E (mcmpgvdec.dll)
    > 0699FDEC: 2303B63E 23000000 + 3B63E (mcmpgvdec.dll)
    > 0699FE08: 230297BA 23000000 + 297BA (mcmpgvdec.dll)
    > 0699FE28: 23027CCE 23000000 + 27CCE (mcmpgvdec.dll)
    > 0699FE58: 23026179 23000000 + 26179 (mcmpgvdec.dll)
    > 0699FE78: 232134FA 23200000 + 134FA (mcmpegin.dll)
    > 0699FE9C: 23213AB9 23200000 + 13AB9 (mcmpegin.dll)
    > 0699FEBC: 23234DCC 23200000 + 34DCC (mcmpegin.dll)
    > 0699FEF4: 7715162D 770F0000 + 6162D (ntdll.dll)
    > 0699FEF8: 71A94D83 71A90000 + 4D83 (MSVCR80.dll)
    > 0699FF14: 23223B42 23200000 + 23B42 (mcmpegin.dll)
    > 0699FF24: 33BB2FC3 33BB0000 + 2FC3 (mcplug.dll)
    > 0699FF30: 00AF8148 00400000 + 6F8148 (VegasMovieStudio90.exe)
    - - -
    0699FFF0: 00000000
    0699FFF4: 0068A190 00400000 + 28A190 (VegasMovieStudio90.exe)
    0699FFF8: 00AF8148 00400000 + 6F8148 (VegasMovieStudio90.exe)
    0699FFFC: 00000000

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    Your Dynamic RAM is pretty low I would try 512. and see how that goes.

    As for the Error Message that's way above my head.

    mcmpgvdec.dll which I think is the main concept mpeg codec. So it could be an mpeg codec problem. At the beginning of the message it mentions audio. BUT this is all over my head.

    One other thing I've read is that you need Quick time version 7.1.6 or later to run Vegas so as you have .mov files on your time line make sure you have an up to date version of QT.

    I'm afraid I've reached the full extent of my knowledge on this.

    Hope I've help in some way.

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    Thanks Midnight Blue. That's a help, I'll check out what you suggest. Not sure its a .mov issue though, as I've had a couple of these files in my movie for 2 days now and the problem (repeated crashing) only started happening today.

    I've since gone through quite a few similar threads and it seems that there is no consensus (or silver bullet) to these kinds of "access violation" type issues... i.e. is it an issue with a specific file; or the operating system; Vegas need re-installing etc etc.

    Guess its proces of elimination + more desk research!

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    Red on the timeline usually means Vegas is having trouble reading or decompressing one or more files on the timeline. My guess would be those MODs since that's not really a standard editing format. (Neither is MPEG, but it's close enough that Vegas can handle them moderately well. Actually, I think MOD is based on MPEG2, but used primarily by JVC with proprietary headers.)

    Can you identify which filetype and codec is being used in the part(s) of the timeline where you see red? If all of the events use the same filetype, that's probably what's causing the issue. Best bet is to convert those files to a more edit-friendly format (DV AVI being the friendliest).

    For the record, the Dynamic RAM setting is only relevant to Dynamic RAM Previews -- when you specifically tell Vegas to render part of your project to memory (Shift+B or off the Tools menu). Vegas reserves that amount for when you call the function and doesn't touch it otherwise. So, in fact, a higher number takes RAM away from normal editing. If you don't use Dynamic RAM previews, keep the number low.


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    Thanks Rob,

    All the files that are showing red on my timeline are .jpegs (scanned photographs) which I would have thought are meat and drink for SV. The odd thing is there are 30-40 jpegs in the project, all scanned using the same Brother scanner, and just a handful are showing as red.

    The .mod files are taken from my Panasonic SDR-S26 camcorder. Touchwood, so far SV doesn't seem to have had any issue with these.... well certainly none appearing in red as yet.

    Re mpeg, there are no mpeg files in my clip (all mod, mov and wav) so confused as to why this is showing in the error message. Unless an 'mpeg codec' is used to decompress some of these aforementioned file fomats. Never quite understood what a codec is..... getting a bit technical for a beginner.

    Not sure if relavant, but when I first burned the project in .avi it came out at 2.2gb which for my planned half hour movie wouldn't have fitted on a 4.7gb DVD. I since burned the movie in .mpeg and it came out at 137mb with no apparent degradation in quality.

    As I'm under time pressure to complete the movie (next week, arggh!) I've decided to split into chapters. The offending chapter (project) is now saved and burned and I have now started a fresh chapter and so far no issues with crashing / red files...

    Oh, and I haven't got to Dynamic Previews yet so shall leave my dynamic RAM as is for the time being.


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